Corporate Social Responsibility

You don’t need to be big to be of service.  And we all need a little help sometimes.  Which is why I actively work towards being a socially responsible entrepreneur.  After all, I too have received help to get to where I am today.  Together we can make the world shine just that little bit brighter.  Care to get involved?

‘t hART voor iedereen vzw – Treasurer and Founding Member

Founded in 2008, ‘t hART set out to support people in need.  By supporting grass-roots projects that reach out to the most vulnerable in our society, over the years ‘t hART has been able to reach hundreds of homeless people of all ages in cities across Belgium.  Our fundraising efforts and inclusive events have more recently been extended to include a different type of vulnerable profile: people at risk of mental illness.  As well as actively lobbying the government for better social care, better understanding and insurance coverage, we seek to educate the general public on psychosocial illnesses such as addiction, depression and burnout.

PocketRocket Digital Collective – Rocket Scientist and Founding Member – COMING SOON

It takes guts to start your own business. And getting off to the best of starts means getting the support you need. Which is why the PocketRocket Digital Collective aims to help startups, scaleups and grownups attain professional liftoff.  Based on a modular system, entrepreneurs can pick and choose the services they need to achieve that next level of brand storytelling by a collective of established creatives.  Are you ready for liftoff? Meet the PRDCollective.

And yes, I do try to keep a paperless office, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a pen and a piece of paper to get those creative juices flowing…